CY TWOMBLY 1928-2011

This piece was originally published August 1st, 2011.

Cy Twombly Post Template

There’s a book by art historian Christiane Weidemann, that was published in 2010 and turns up in a variety of places, from chain bookstores to Urban Outfitters.

It’s one of those overview, pleasant types of books that sits well alongside other informational reference books or makes for great bedtime reading.

This series, by a variety of authors, is entitled, 50 _ You Should Know, and allows a newcomer or even anyone with even more than a passing interest in the arts, a chance to learn more and focus in on the subjects without trying to reach too far or encompass too wide a chronological span of art history, which can be far too overwhelming.

The range of titles include 50 Paintings You Should Know (for ex. The Mona Lisa), 50 Photographers You Should Know, 50 Architects You Should Know, 50 Women Artists You Should Know and in this particular case the one by Weidemann the one entitled 50 Modern Artists You Should Know.


Cy Twombly is one of those 50 Modern Artists You Should Know.

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