This piece was originally published January 14th, 2013.

David Bowie Secret Post IconOn Tuesday, January 8th at 5:00 AM, David Bowie, on what was his 66th birthday, gave his fans around the world an unprecedented gift by suddenly releasing a single, with an accompanying video and new photograph, on his web site and for immediate download purchase on iTunes.

The song was simply added without any notifications or press releases.

As I saw the video and listened to the song, with those incredible, familiar sounding chords, I knew that, for myself, 2013 was already off to a great beginning. For here was never expected new music from one of my top 5 favorite artists that I have revered since I was an inquisitive little child staring at the strange alien-like being depicted on the American LP cover for his Space Oddity album.

Presented was this fantastic surprise that is truly one the best kept secrets to ever have been tucked away by any legendary mega-selling. hugely influential musical performer long thought to be retired and finished with making music.

Where Are We Now?, The Next Day, Ziggy Stardust, Berlin Trilogy, Thin White Duke

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This piece was originally published November 30th, 2009.

Major Tom Icon1969 was a banner year for momentous historical and cultural events.

This was the year of Woodstock’s “…3 Days of Peace & Music” festival, and its parallel universe/evil Captain Kirk, the Rolling Stones’ Altamont festival.

The Manson Family cult went on their murderous rampage in L.A., Nixon was elected President while the Vietnam War continued amidst home-front demonstrations and William Calley’s My Lai Massacre

The Beatles gave their last ever live performance on a rooftop and Led Zeppelin’s first album was released.

In television, The Brady BunchMonty Python’s Flying Circus and Sesame Street all premiered.

Yet, in this tumultuous year, which many saw as the end of the optimism that grew from the counter-cultural youth movement of the past decade, no greater single event optimistically captured television viewers the world over than one in particular. No other trip was quite as spectacular or fantastic as the wonder, imagination and positive vibe of where the future of civilization could be headed, then the July 11th United States’ NASA Apollo11 lunar landing in the Sea of Tranquility (or Mare Tranquillitatis if you prefer the beautifully named Latin version).


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This piece was originally published September 14th, 2009

Happy Telepghone Icon jpgThe other day while driving around town, in an area that could also be called the wrong side of the tracks, my girlfriend and I were surprised to see an actual pay phone booth that not only still seemed to be in usable service, but it also had a door for privacy!

If you really look around they are still out there, as are public telephones sans the booth part, but they are fast becoming both obsolete and some, very rare objets d’ art.

These days I would wager that the majority of folks around the world in most developed or even semi-developed nations, own and use a cellular telephone.

Most people no longer own land lines, and therefore very few people find the need to use a public telephone. I am positive that there are some people alive today who do not even know what one is.

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