JOHN ENTWISTLE: Halloween’s Favorite Bass Player

This piece was originally published October 22nd, 2012.

John Entwistle was the legendary and highly influential bass player for The Who.

Before Entwistle, pop music fans of all different styles could care less about the bass as an instrument, often not paying that much attention to who was playing it or listening for its sound.

Playing the bass as a lead instrument with a full on volume, treble and bass attack, and with his very specific selection of type of bass, plus what strings and amplification to use, Entwistle brought an uncompromising new approach to the bass guitar.


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This piece was originally published June 18th, 2011

Jack Black video game Post TemplateThe schedule for video game releases is as fast and constant as comic book title releases.

Because of this, it becomes difficult to try each one.

Although free demo downloads or the demo discs that come with gamer mags do help you try before buying, it is still tough to keep up unless you want to devote yourself to gaming 24/7 and have mighty deep pockets.

In October of 2009 Electronic Arts (EA, famous for games such as Madden NFL, Mass Effect, Rock Band, The Sims and Medal Of Honor) released a game called Brütal Legend.
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