THE HOT RATS: (The Late) Supergrass’ Super Side Project!

This piece was originally published November 8th, 2010

The Hot Rats Post IconThis past year the longtime British—or should I say “Britpop”—since they will forever be associated with that genre—chart-topping rock band Supergrass broke up due to the old “musical and creative differences” reason after a nice seventeen year run.

One can easily surmise that the difference might be named Mick Quinn, bassist, backing vocalist and co-writer in Supergrass, since the other two members of this highly successful trio also including Gaz Combes (guitar/lead vocals) and Danny Goffey (drums/backing vocals) have now released, since announcing Supergrass’ split up, an album where they are known as The Hot Rats.


The Hot Rats, taken from the name of Frank Zappa’s brilliant first solo album sans The Mothers Of Invention, began life releasing a great cover (with a truly fun accompanying video) of The Beatles’ song, “Drive My Car” for use in an ad campaign for Hugo Boss perfume.

They have since released their first full length album entitled Turn Ons.

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