Gary Dell’Abate: Forever Baba Booey…

This piece was originally published January 3rd, 2011.

Baba Booey Post IconThere’s nothing like starting off the new year with a good book.

As well as staving off some of the winter chill surrounding The Mystery Box HQ, the distraction is a nice and gentle way of beginning things.




And if there are some laughs involved in your reading material, then all the better.

Autobiographies are a fave of mine, and this particular one is especially worthy of interest…

The phrase “Baba Booey” has entered our popular culture.

Whether spoken by someone who has full on knowledge and knows the background of the term, a vague idea of its origin, or even absolutely no idea but they heard it said on TV or by somebody at school or work, they are words that are now bandied about, and often for no reason other than they sound funny, seems to mean something or somebody, and of course we all love some good old fashioned alliteration. 

Gary Dell’Abate is both the originator or these words and for now and forever will be known as Baba Booeyincarnate.

…and now Gary Dell’ Abate has a book.



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Drew Friedman’s TOO SOON?: 15 Years of Even More Genius

This piece was originally published November 23rd, 2010. Drew Friedman Tor Post Icon

One day, the gods of all ART great and marvelous, finally will decide to roll out their lengthy gilded achievement banner listing cartoonists, illustrators and caricaturists. This banner will have been imprinted (in a Ben-Day dots process) with all the names of those who have been creatively talented beyond the skills of mere mortal men and women.

Without a doubt, near the top of this list of illustrious souls, residing among the gloriously renown names of Jack Kirby, Harvey Kurtzman, Basil Wolverton, Jim Steranko, Wally Wood, Steve Ditko, Charles Addams, Edward Gorey and Robert Crumb among others, will be the name…

Drew Friedman.

For, as R. Crumb so eloquently has written, “I wish I had this guy’s talent.”

I have been a huge fan of Drew Friedman’s work for some 30 years now. Ever since I first laughed in astonishment at the panels that he and his equally talented brother, writer/musician Josh Alan Friedman (subject of a future Mystery Box column) came up with for inclusion in the seminal RAW Graphix Magazine, beginning with issue #1 in 1980.


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