DOWN: New ROBERT JAZ painting becomes a book cover.

Here is a painting I did which has been used as cover artwork for the book

Down: A Reid Hollow Novel

which is the 2nd volume in a series of gritty 1930’s detective novels by author Matt Madigan.

Much gratitude to Past Midnight Publishing for using my work.

down smallerDOWN
Artwork © 2014 Robert Jaz

Down cover

Follow the link below if you wish to obtain a copy of the book:

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BOB PEAK: American Illustrator Superstar

This piece was originally published June 1&th, 2013

Bob Peak Icon TemplateThere are times here at Mystery Box H.Q. when I set out to write about a subject that I feel is so undeniably a legend, so incredibly talented beyond mere words, and such a large influential part of the fabric of popular culture, that I start to feel…to say it in two words— humbly intimidated.

Bob Peak is one of those subjects.

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Drew Friedman’s TOO SOON?: 15 Years of Even More Genius

This piece was originally published November 23rd, 2010. Drew Friedman Tor Post Icon

One day, the gods of all ART great and marvelous, finally will decide to roll out their lengthy gilded achievement banner listing cartoonists, illustrators and caricaturists. This banner will have been imprinted (in a Ben-Day dots process) with all the names of those who have been creatively talented beyond the skills of mere mortal men and women.

Without a doubt, near the top of this list of illustrious souls, residing among the gloriously renown names of Jack Kirby, Harvey Kurtzman, Basil Wolverton, Jim Steranko, Wally Wood, Steve Ditko, Charles Addams, Edward Gorey and Robert Crumb among others, will be the name…

Drew Friedman.

For, as R. Crumb so eloquently has written, “I wish I had this guy’s talent.”

I have been a huge fan of Drew Friedman’s work for some 30 years now. Ever since I first laughed in astonishment at the panels that he and his equally talented brother, writer/musician Josh Alan Friedman (subject of a future Mystery Box column) came up with for inclusion in the seminal RAW Graphix Magazine, beginning with issue #1 in 1980.


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This piece was originally published September 28th, 2010.

Edward Gorey Post IconIt was decided that after being a fan of the works of Edward Gorey for more than thirty years, it was high time that The Mystery Box Field Expedition Team would finally visit his home, which is affectionately called Elephant House.



I couldn’t have been more excited for this chance to see first-hand what was now turned into a museum and thankfully, a living, breathing and ongoing exhibit of both his multitude of creations. Here you can experience Gorey creations such as The Gashlycrumb Tinies (they are also scattered through the house like a scavenger hunt), The Doubtful Guest, his animated sequences for the PBS series Mystery! plus, the everyday objects that he collected and lived among. The objects that almost invariably turned into inspirations for all his works.

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