BOB PEAK: American Illustrator Superstar

This piece was originally published June 1&th, 2013

Bob Peak Icon TemplateThere are times here at Mystery Box H.Q. when I set out to write about a subject that I feel is so undeniably a legend, so incredibly talented beyond mere words, and such a large influential part of the fabric of popular culture, that I start to feel…to say it in two words— humbly intimidated.

Bob Peak is one of those subjects.

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Joe Shuster and Superman’s “Other” Secret Identity

This piece was originally published December 7th, 2009.

Henchman IconThe story is all too familiar: Artists, no matter what the creative medium they choose to work in, need to make money to pay their bills.

Throughout a career, there are doubtlessly going to be the periods when financial struggle necessitates employment at something that is not all that desirable and has little connection to making their beloved art.

Sure some folks are born lucky and comfortable, with money handed down from the heavens and carted over in golden wheel-barrels, or they have some otherwise solid financial situation that can carry into the later years of a charmed life. Well, these lucky souls managed to find that elusive pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. For many however, there is a path strewn with extremely hard work, intense focus, constant devotion and a lifetime of dedication to the craft, despite the highs and lows of any recognition and just getting paid.

So what if you happened to co-create one of the most well known comics’ characters known in the history of the 20th Century. Do you think that even this feat this would guarantee a soft cushion on the settee of lifelong prosperity and carefree worry?

For Joel Shuster, the co-creator of Superman, it didn’t…

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This piece was originally published September 14th, 2009

Happy Telepghone Icon jpgThe other day while driving around town, in an area that could also be called the wrong side of the tracks, my girlfriend and I were surprised to see an actual pay phone booth that not only still seemed to be in usable service, but it also had a door for privacy!

If you really look around they are still out there, as are public telephones sans the booth part, but they are fast becoming both obsolete and some, very rare objets d’ art.

These days I would wager that the majority of folks around the world in most developed or even semi-developed nations, own and use a cellular telephone.

Most people no longer own land lines, and therefore very few people find the need to use a public telephone. I am positive that there are some people alive today who do not even know what one is.

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